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Behler Eye and Laser Center Offers The ReStor Lens to Patients with Cataracts in and around Belleair, Clearwater, Tampa and St. Petersburg

A recently approved technology called ReSTOR intraocular lens enables patients with cataracts to reduce their dependence on glasses for both distance and near.

ReSTOR intraocular lens from Behler Eye & Laser CenterReStor LensReStor Lens is a revolutionary technology and a dramatic step forward in addressing the needs of patients in the presbyopic age group having cataract or lens based surgery. In our forties we begin to lose our ability to read without some form of correction. This condition is called presbyopia. Historically the only ways of dealing with presbyopia include reading glasses, monovision or bifocal contact lenses.

Intraocular lenses implanted during cataract surgeries enable patients to reduce their dependence on glasses. Without these lenses patients would have to wear the coke bottle glasses worn by our great grandparents. The most commonly used implants over the past 20 years are monofocal implants. These lenses enable each eye to see at near or far but never both. ReSTOR lens enables patients to see at near and far without glasses.

AcrySof ® ReSTOR ® IOL the first and only apodized diffractive IOL for cataract patients with and without presbyopia, uses a unique, patented apodized diffractive technology to provide patients with a full range of quality vision (near, intermediate and distance), and greatly reduce their reliance on glasses. This optic design results in an increased range of quality vision that delivers a high level of spectacle freedom.

Apodization improves image quality by optimizing light energy delivered to the retina by distributing the appropriate amounts of light to near and distant focal points, regardless of lighting situation. This new ReStor lens is particularly well suited for patients who wish to reduce their dependency on reading glasses and bifocals once their cataract lens is removed. The AcrySof ® ReSTOR ® IOL is based on the AcrySof ® design and material platform. AcrySof ® lenses are the fastest growing and most frequently implanted lenses in the world, with more than 22 million implants since their introduction in the early 1990s. There are approximately three million cataract surgeries performed annually in the United States.

Dr. Behler has been performing cataract and lens implant surgeryfor over 20 years and has been impressed with the results of these implants.

  • 99% of patients see well enough to drive without glasses or contacts
  • 97% of patients could read the newspaper without reading glasses or bifocals
  • 80% of patients never wear glasses for any activities

Equally important in the choice of implants are the measurements required to calculate the implant power. In order to obtain superior results the calculation must be extremely accurate. At Behler Eye and Laser we use ocular coherence biometry to calculate the implant power. Ocular coherence biometry represents a fivefold increase in accuracy than standard ultrasound and is critical in achieving accurate results.

The Acrysoft ReSTOR lens has been an exciting addition to our practice. It is one more advancement further improving the quality of life for our patients.