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Crystalens IOL

Behler Eye and Laser Offers Crystalens to Patients in Safety Harbor, Clearwater, Tampa, St. Petersburg and Surrounding Areas

A wonderful technology approved by the FDA is the Accommodating Lens named Crystalens ™

Crystalens from Behler Eye & Laser CenterFor patients who undergo Refractive Lens Exchange or Refractive Cataract Surgery this exciting implant technology enables both eyes to focus at all ranges of vision (distance and near) without the need for glasses. Crystalens works like the eye’s natural lens to allow most patients to see images that are near (inside 16 inches) intermediate (between 16 and 36 inches) and distance (36 inches and beyond) without glasses. Crystalens ™ is engineered with a hinge designed to allow the implant that you see through to move back and forth as you constantly change focus on images around you.





Crystalens from Behler Eye & Laser CenterDr. Behler has extensive experience with the Crystalens and Crystalens patients and has been implanting these implants for over 10 years. After talking to patients who have lived with the Crystalens for years Dr. Behler knows who are the best candidates for this technology. With Crystalens ™ your vision will not only be brighter, but you may be free of those things that made you look or feel older. Crystalens ™ will give you the ability to reconnect you to the people and things that matter most. As with any of the premium lenses it is important the implant fit your individual lifestyle. This is why it is so critical to spend the time finding out what lens implant is best for you.



In Clinical Tests:

  • 98.4% of patients implanted with crystalens™ in both eyes could pass a drivers’s test without glasses
  • 100% could see intermediate (24” to 30”) without glasses, the distance for most of life’s daily activities
  • 98.4% could see well enough to read the newspaper and the phone book without glasses
  • Some patients did require glasses for some tasks after implantation of the crystalens™

For more information to see if Crystalens ™ is right for you contact Dr. Behler.