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Avoid the Knife – Choose Femto LASIK! Dr. Scott Behler Serves Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Tarpon Springs and New Port Richey

Traditional LASIK surgery involves using a motorized blade, known as a microkeratome, to cut the required flap before the laser reshapes the cornea. Many patients find this idea unsettling and may have avoided having laser eye correction done because of it.

With the femto laser, or femtosecond laser, the blade is eliminated. Instead, this laser is used to make the flap. This method, also known as Z-lasik, always produces a smooth surface because there is no mechanical action. It also makes the flap without dragging the eye’s tear film under the surface, which can lower the risk of infection. Best of all, patients don’t need to worry about someone cutting on their eyes.

Femto LASIK from Behler Eye & Laser CenterWhat Makes Femto Lasik Better Than Traditional Lasik?

  • Femto LASIK eliminates the blade, in this bladeless lasik procedure
  • Risk of vision complications is lowered
  • Risk of infection is low
  • Recovery is fast

One of the biggest other benefits of using a femtolaser paired with the excimer laser in the all laser lasik procedure, is increased patient comfort and recovery times. You’ll usually notice an improvement in your vision the very next day, with the full benefits of femto lasik – or ZLASIK – being realized in just a few weeks. Contact us today to for a consultation to learn if you’re a candidate for this excellent procedure!