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Cataract Surgery Treatment

Cataract Surgery Treatment for Clearwater, Tampa, St. Pete, Sarasota and Surrounding Areas

The only effective treatment for cataracts is a quick, virtually painless cataract surgery treatment that removes the clouded lens and replaces it with a clear synthetic intraocular lens (IOL) implant.

Cataract Surgery Treatment from Behler Eye & Laser CenterIn decades past, the risks of cataract surgery often caused ophthalmologists to advise their patients to delay cataract surgery as long as possible.

Today, advances in surgical techniques and instruments have made cataract surgery one of the safest, most predictable surgeries performed in the world, with benefits that far outweigh the risks.

This means a cataract can be safely and successfully treated at any stage. Surgery is now recommended when cataracts begin to affect quality of life or interfere with everyday activities. More than 2.7 million Americans now choose to have vision-restoring cataract surgery treatment every year.

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