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All Laser Lasik by Behler Eye and Laser Center, Serving Clearwater, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Tarpon Springs, New Port Richey and Surrounding Areas.

The lasik procedure to correct vision has been around for a number of years. It has successfully been used with thousands of people to return their sight to a place where they no longer need glasses or contacts. For many years the procedure was done the same way. The Z-Lasik, all laser Lasik utilizing the femto lasers at Behler Eye and Laser Center is changing that and becoming the preferred approach by eye surgeons across the US.

With the use of the femtosecond and excimer laser a small flap of tissue is created on the cornea (the surface of the eye) and lifted up. Small pieces of tissue are removed from under this flap to reshape the surface of the eye. At the end of the procedure, the small flap is replaced to protect the eye as it heals. Reshaping the eye this way helps the eye to focus light and create sharper vision.

The traditional approach was to use a small, sharp blade to perform the procedure. All laser lasik does not use blades rather lasers to create the flap and reshape the eye in the bladeless manner. Also called “bladeless Lasik” or “femto lasik” this technique has many benefits over the blade version.

All Laser LASIK from Behler Eye & Laser CenterAll Laser Lasik Benefits Include:

  • Increased Comfort for a Nearly Painless Process
  • Fast Procedure Completed in Ten Minutes
  • Safety Experiences in Over 1,500,000 Blade-Free Lasik Patients
  • Instant Improvement, with Shortest Recovery Time

While every surgical procedure carries some risk, all laser Lasik using the femtolaser is proving to have fewer side effects than the traditional Lasik surgery. The safety and precision afforded by the use of ZLASIK opens it up to more people than ever before.

Learn about this new technique by contacting us today to set up an appointment to find out if all laser Lasik is right for you. If you live in the Tampa area – including St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tarpon Springs, New Port Richey and surrounding areas – let us help you improve the way you see the world!