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LASIK Eye Surgery

Behler Eye and Laser Center Provides Lasik Eye Surgery for an Active Lifestyle to Patients in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Tarpon Springs, New Port Richey and Surrounding Areas

Wearing glasses is inconvenient for an active person. Contact lenses are better, but still leave you in a lurch in the swimming pool, shower, and bedroom. Between purchasing contact solutions and looking for lost reading glasses, you are spending a fortune and wasting hours of valuable time on eye care. Lasik eye surgery changes all that overnight – no more poking yourself in the eye to put your contacts in after swimming or cleaning the mud off your glasses on your sweaty shirt while mountain biking.

Lasik eye surgery reshapes the clear front part of your eye, your cornea, to improve the way your eye focuses. Dr. Behler makes a tiny slit in the cornea to create a flap then uses an excimer laser to remove some of the corneal tissue beneath the flap.

LASIK Eye Surgery from Behler Eye & Laser CenterBenefits of Lasik Eye Surgery

  • Nearsightedness so you can see things far away
  • Farsightedness to make reading menus easier
  • Astigmatism to clear up overall cloudy vision

Lasik eye surgery is widely effective, providing 20/20 vision for most patients. Best of all, lasik surgery is fast and painless – the procedure can be as quick as 15 minutes for both eyes. Lasik eye surgery will not keep you down long either; you will probably notice the difference in your vision as soon as 24 hours after the procedure.

Contact us today if you are local to the Tampa area, including St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tarpon Springs, and New Port Richey,to find out how lasik eye surgery could improve your active lifestyle.