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Behler Eye and Laser Centers Now Offers Zlasik, a Blade-Free, All Laser, Lasik Alternative to Patients in and around Clearwater, Tampa, St. Petersburg, New Port Richey and Tarpon Springs

So you’re thinking about getting your vision corrected. Perhaps you’ve worn glasses or contacts for some time now, and you’re ready to be free of these older methods. You’re ready to take the next step in vision correction toward something more innovative, more permanent.

ZLASIK might be just what you’re looking for. Z-LASIK is a cutting edge vision correction technology that allows the LASIK procedure to be implemented in a completely blade-free way — all laser, no cutting blades. Blade-Free LASIK has many benefits, starting with the obvious: a high-tech cobination of lasers are used – both the excimer laser and femtosecond laser – for the procedure instead of the outdated blade technology. The blade-free lasik procedure uses the new Swiss Ziemer laser is used to make the corneal incision, allowing for a cleaner, more accurate, more precise cut.

Why the name ZLASIK?

Well, Z stands for Ziemer, or the Ziemer laser. Instead of the old blade LASIK technology, the ZLASIK Zeimer laser uses literally millions of small, precise femtolaser pulses. The result is a very accurate corneal flap, removing the potential risks that used to come along with the mechanical metal blade system.


The Ziemer laser goes beyond other laser systems (such as the Intralase, or iLASIK) with a number of noteworthy improvements and advances. The femto lasers, or LDV, eliminates the occasional complications that are sometimes experienced with iLASIK technology. For example, some iLASIK patients (about 7%) experience a marked aversion to and discomfort around light for a number of days after their iLASIK procedure. (This is also known as “transient light sensitivity.”)

This side effect is not experienced with the ZLASIK procedure, possibly because it utilizes a much more finely focused laser energy pulse along with greatly reduced energy per pulse. By comparison, the Intralase iLASIK has a less focused laser and a resultant wider dispersion of the laser energy throughout the cornea. With ZLASIK also known as femto lasik, you’ll experience more accurate results and a faster recovery time.

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