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Lasik Surgery – Palm Harbor, Clearwater, Tampa, St. Petersburg

The entire process at the laser site takes about 1 hour, however, the procedure itself takes about 10 minutes. Prior to the lasik surgery procedure Dr. Behler will “triple check your numbers” and place them into a surgical nomogram. How your numbers are calculated is a question that is often overlooked. A surgical nomogram is a computerized program that refines a patients’ preoperative data into the final set of values programmed into the laser. Dr. Behler’s nomogram is based upon the outcome analysis of performing lasik surgery on thousands of prior LASIK treatments performed.

Dr. Behler uses a specially developed database to track all factors that may affect outcomes. This is the same software used among the best surgeons in the world. A multi-factorial regression analysis of peripheral attributes, including room temperature and humidity, patient age, corneal thickness, degree of astigmatism is performed on EVERY patient. This analysis is critical.

Wavescan analysis is used on every patient. For CustomVue patients the wavescan digital information is transferred to the laser. After all numbers are checked and rechecked you are ready for your lasik surgery using state of the art technology.

Star S4 - VISX - Lasik SurgeryThis is the fun part! Don’t worry; we’ll walk you through the entire process and explain each step. The treatment is painless and quick. Following lasik surgery you will be sent home with postoperative instructions and medications. You will be wearing “goggles” after the procedure; therefore a friend or family member must drive you home after your lasik surgery. Patients are advised to go directly home and sleep for at least 5 hours.

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