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Premium Cataract Lens Options for Patients in Clearwater, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota and Surrounding Areas

Premium Cataract Lens

Just a few years ago, patients had few choices when it came to the intraocular lens (IOL) implants that would replace their natural lenses during cataract surgery. Single prescription (monofocal) implants were the standard, and patients had to choose between correcting their distance or near vision. Other focal ranges had to be corrected using eyeglasses, unless a patient chose monovision correction, which used a prescription IOL for distance in one eye, and a prescription IOL for reading in the other. The development of multifocal IOLs combined distance and near vision prescription strengths in a single lens, much the way a bifocal combines two prescription strengths in a single pair of eyeglasses. This gave more patients freedom from eyeglasses in many settings.

Now, advances in IOL design offer patients more attractive options than ever before in achieving a glasses-free lifestyle. Premium IOLs can brighten your vision while freeing you from the eyeglasses that may have added years to your appearance. Waking up without having to reach for your glasses can start your day with a more youthful feel. As with any medical procedure, it is important to be sure you are a good candidate for any of these premium IOLs.


Premium Lens: Crystalens IOL 

The Crystalens IOL flexes like the eyes natural lens so it can give you back your full range of vision. Many Crystalens patients rarely, if ever, need their eyeglasses or contact lenses again.Crystalens is the first and only accommodating IOL approved by the Food and Drug Administration to correct both cataracts and presbyopia (the loss of near and intermediate vision), so it can be used in both cataract surgery as well as in Refractive Lens Exchange. The hinged design of the Crystalens allows the lens implant to move back and forth, dynamically adjusting to your visual needs and making it possible for you to enjoy most activities from reading a book, to working on your computer, to driving a car without the need for eyeglasses.

Dr. Behler was one of the first eye surgeons to appreciate the benefits of Crystalens. He has successfully placed these advanced lenses for patients in Clearwater and the surrounding Tampa Bay area since 2002. His vast experience helps him quickly and accurately determine which patients are the best candidates for this advanced technology.

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Premium Lens: ReSTOR IOL

Dr. Behler is among the first surgeons in the United States to implant the ReStor IOL since FDA approval 4 and 1/2 years ago. Given his extensive experience managing patients before and after surgery he is able to determine who are the best candidates for the ReStor IOL. The ReSTOR IOL takes a new view in the design of lens implants that can help you see at a range of distances.

Unlike traditional multifocal IOLs that are made with different prescription strengths for refractive correction alone, the ReSTOR IOL additionally makes use of apodized diffractive technology that controls the behavior of light rays as they travel through the central portion of the lens, called the optic. The combination of an apodized diffractive optic that addresses near, intermediate, and distance vision, surrounded by a refractive outer ring that is concentrated on improved distance vision, allows the ReSTOR lens to deliver sharp images to the retina at a range of distances.

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Tecnis IOL

Premium Lens: Tecnis IOL

The TECNIS aspheric IOL not only improves vision at a range of distances, but also increases visual acuity in a variety of lighting conditions. In youth, the cornea and the natural lens of the eye are in balance, working together to deliver sharp vision day and night. Over time, the shape of the natural lens gradually changes and doesn’t work as well with the cornea.

For some people, even without the complications of cataracts, there is a lowering of functional vision because of reduced contrast sensitivity. Reduced contrast sensitivity means it’s more difficult to recognize details, especially in low light. A traditional IOL restores vision, but it doesn’t restore the balance between the cornea and the lens. The clear vision it delivers is that of a healthy older person. The TECNIS IOL, with its aspheric design, restores the youthful relationship between the cornea and the lens, resulting in improved contrast sensitivity that provides vision that is more similar to that of a healthy young adult.


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